See what people have to say about Enjoy Life Coaching:

“I have learned the concerns I shoulder: Whether they be about family matters like caring for my dear husband, concerns about my children, or world affairs, are so much lighter when entrusted to your safe and loving care.”

Chava R.

“I feel like my wife has really heard me, perhaps for the very first time. We have been married for 10 years and this program taught us how to understand each other without becoming defensive.”

S. M.

“Helana is an acclaimed life coach who has been blessed with a special gift. She has a love of life and a drive to soar to great heights. She knows that this is possible even when one is faced with adversity. With her wisdom, wit and warmth, authenticity, keen sensitivity and life experience, she has the ability to reach into your soul and bring out the best in you.”

Chani B.

"I want to share what a wonderful gem we have in Florida. Life coach Helana Herman came to speak to women in my community about achieving satisfying relationships, and everyone loved her! Contact her for upcoming events. It is definitely worth reaching out to her. You'll be glad you did."

Chaya Slavaticki

“Helana gives me concrete life tools and Torah inspired thoughts to carry me forward until our next session. Even though we both live in the same city, I found it more convenient to speak with her over the phone and not have to worry about driving to another appointment.”

Morgan H.

“I think the most valuable part of working with Helana is the safe space she helped facilitate between my husband and I in a completely non-judgmental environment.”

W. H.

“Thank you dear Helana for our three-month coaching sessions. It feels amazing that I finally enjoy life again! I now have tools to help me thrive and I no longer suffer.”

A Grateful Shlucha

“I would recommend Coach Helana in a heartbeat to couples who feel like they have a few issues and to those who feel they need a lot of help. This program really works!”

R. B.

"Helana Herman has been a gift from G-d. She coaches with kindness and deep understanding. She has helped me create a space within myself to comfort and heal, to find strength and wisdom, and to see that even in the most trying times, joy can exist within us. She has taught me many tools to handle my overwhelming anxiety and stress. I would recommend her wholeheartedly. She has been a pure blessing to me."

Michele Press

"Working with Helana brings light and clarity into my life. When speaking with her, she gives me her full attention. The experience is confidential, and no problem is too big or too small to discuss. Helana is constantly learning and brings Torah and Chassidus into each session, leaving me empowered to face challenges. Helana is so talented and I am lucky to have her as a coach."

West Coast Shlucha

"I recently heard from a grieving mother. She shared how she had listened to the episode on my podcast about somatic healing with Helana Herman. She reached out and did a session with her. She learned breathing techniques and calming grounding exercises. At the time, she did not realize how valuable this would be.

Only a week later, her family was hit with an unimaginable trauma. At one point, due to so much heartbreak and pain, her body was so physically drained that she couldn't sit up. Hatzalah came and was ready to transport her to the hospital. The woman told them to give her a few minutes. She tapped into the breathing techniques from Helana and was able to bring her vitals to normal rates. In this way, she utilized the skills that she learned. Because of that was able to keep herself grounded, calm, and and did not need to be hospitalized."

Raizel Shusterman, A Positive Podcast

"After Helana and I worked together, I used the tools with my toddler son. When he got really upset after my husband left the house, I helped him calm down by asking about objects in the room, like his truck. Immediately, he looked around, pointed and stopped screaming. I got that idea from the orienting exercise you did with me.

Another time, while nursing him to sleep I brought down my anxiety about moving him to his crib. I whispered that he had one more minute before going to his bed. Much to my surprise, there was no protest and he crawled right into bed. Within five minutes he was fast asleep. No screaming, no heart racing, no stomach knots, no threats, and no brain freeze. Thank you so much!"

A Grateful Mother

"Mom, I don’t know how to thank you for encouraging and making it possible to work with Helana. I worked through something that was on my heart for a long time and I’m literally breathing better today."

From a Young Mom to her Mother